Open Access Risk Knowledge (OpenARK) Project

The Access Risk Knowledge (ARK) project is a project to deliver the novel ARK risk governance software platform to organisations vulnerable to operational failure. The ARK platform will deliver evidence-based risk management capabilities to operational, project and strategic levels within organisations. The project will develop the ARK risk governance platform, using a common analytic framework that provides the basis for the following:

  • Mixed method risk analysis, leveraging statistical methods, Artificial Intelligence (knowledge graphs, ontological inference, machine learning, natural language processing) and qualitative analysis to provide a comprehensive and reliable risk pattern, informing decisions of operations crew.
  • Combination of multiple cases to create a practical improvement agenda which is supported and tracked through its phases, verifying outcomes.
  • Analysis of risk interactions across business units and projects provides a strategic risk capability linking strategic threats to operational readiness.

This will make it possible to develop evidence-based best practice that supports performance-based regulation and will ultimately provide an operational basis for future system design. The ARK solution transforms risk management from quantifying loss to proactive governance, assuring reliable transactional value from operations, ensuring this is sustainable across the enterprise, potentially massively enhancing value through effective future system innovation.


The ARK-Virus Project extends the ARK Platform for use in the healthcare domain - specifically for the risk governance of personal protective equipment (PPE) use for infection prevention and control (IPC) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project is a collaboration between the ARK academic team and a community of practice (CoP) which includes safety staff in St. James’s Hospital, Beacon Renal, and Dublin Fire Brigade.


This research was conducted with the financial support of SFI under Grant Agreement No. 20/COV/8463 at the ADAPT Centre in Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin, and through the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund (CF 2018-1012) and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under Ireland’s European Structural and Investment Funds Programme 2014-2020 . The ADAPT SFI Centre for Digital Content Technology is funded by Science Foundation Ireland through the SFI Research Centres Programme and is co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through Grant #13/RC/2106_P2.


University College Dublin (UCD)

Asst. Prof. Rob Brennan

Junli Liang

Malick Ebiele

Huan Chen

Sajjad Karimian

Haula Galadima

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

Prof. Nick McDonald

Julio Hernandez

Dublin City University (DCU)

Maryam Basereh


Lucie Andrieu

Maÿlis Laporte

Pallavi Prakash

Luke Derwin

Max Aedo-Espicto

ARK-Virus Partners

St. James's Hospital

Dublin Fire Brigade

Beacon Renal


Dr. Lucy McKenna

Dr. Ademar Crotti Junior

Dr. Yalemisew Abgaz

Dr. Daniele Baranzini

Rebecca Vining

Brian Doyle

Natalia Duda

Paula Hicks

Carlotta Acconito

ARK Platform

The Access Risk Knowledge (ARK) Platform is a mindful risk-governance system that uses Semantic Web technologies to model, integrate and classify risk data, from both qualitative and quantitative sources, into a unified risk graph.

The ARK Platform app is available here.

Please contact the team to get access to the application (

ARK Evidence

ARK Evidence, built using CKAN, is a catalogue of evidence data that can be interlinked with risk management projects on the ARK Platform. ARK Evidence can be used to publish and share data, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance data, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) data or other healthcare risk data, which can be used as supportive evidence on the ARK Platform.

The ARK Evidence app is available here.

Please contact the team to get access to the application (

ARK Training

View the below videos to learn more about how to use the ARK Platform and ARK Evidence applications.

ARK Platform Training/Demo Video

ARK Evidence Training/Demo Video

ARK Project Navigation & Overview Tab Training/Demo Video

ARK Project Evidence Linking Training/Demo Video

ARK Project Report Generation Training/Demo Video

ARK Project Filtered Search, Concept Recommender, Related Projects and Project Analysis Graphs Training/Demo Video


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